The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Yes, so for more things to talk about in this dying community, for all of those who read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" tell us about it...did you go to the discussion?

By the way, I will be making a post within the week with all of the issues and topics I can possibly think of that involve any of us in any way shape or form and I encourage the rest of you to do the same. It would make me very happy.
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dead community

Wow, this is a dead community. I don't have the time to maintain it...whoopies...

Anyway, I just thought I'd post for the heck of posting.

Reply if you are going to the semi-formal dance on Dec. 16, 2005.

And you should all go to the Vocal Major and Community Choir Winter Concert...I think it is just them, but maybe some other performances. It is this coming Tuesday, not sure what time/date, but I will know later...tell me/post about any other upcoming events, por favor!
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How do you like it so far?

I know many of you are in your first year at CAPA and I was curious how you were enjoying it so far.

I remember my adjustment from Rogers to the old CAPA, but I'm sure things are completely different at the new CAPA high school. I can only imagine how much things have changed.

Actually, I am thinking of going to visit the new school this year - more likely in the spring. It would be great to see some of my old teachers that are 'still' teaching there, which are few. I will say there are several that are teaching there who I didn't have that are still there, especially in the music department.

It would be nice to see how much the school has changed in ever which way since 1984-88 since I was there. [YIKES!]



I know this is like uber old news, but the spring musical already being announced is a new one for CAPA. Usually we don't know until, um, well the spring...

However, Aida is an awesome musical.

Oh, and how about they're making The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime a movie?

Has anyone else read that yet? It's a really quick read, and I think it's a darn good book.

"Girlcott" of Abercrombie and Fitch

Some of you may have heard about this in the news or read about it in the papers. But I thought I'd let you know, since I'm a part of the original group of girls who started this whole thing. We're having a "girlcott" (because we're girls, so we can't have a boycott) of Abercrombie and Fitch becuase of the messages they put on some of their shirts being demeaning to women. Examples needed? Here you go.

"Do I make you look fat?"
"Who needs brains when you have these?" written across the chest.
"Blondes get adored, brunettes get ignored."
"I had a nightmare last night that I was a brunette."
"Anatomy Tutor"
"Tell your boyfriend I said thanks"

etc. etc.

So, all you girls out there, don't buy from ANF and spread this on to all the other girls you know! I'lll post the chain email that we've put together here as soon as I get it. Just pass it on! Because we need to stop the sale of these shirts and get more empowering ones on the market.

The Augut Wilson School for the Creative and Performing Arts

So, I don't know if any of you have heard, but they're thinking about renaming our school in honor of the amazing 20th-century playwright/short-story writer August Wilson. I'm interested in getting everyone's opinion on this. Personally, I think it's a fantastic idea, a fitting tribute to an important fixture of Pittsburgh culture. I've seen a couple of Mr. Wilson's plays myself and read some of his short stories and I think he's quitte incredible. So, any thoughts?
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